Watering Day For My African Violet

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There comes a time very often when you need to water your indoor plants. For instance like my african violet plant:


Which is in desperate need of watering, I feel so bad that I let it get this bad, lately I’ve had a very busy schedule but now I have more time to dedicate to my plants. When watering your african violet, it’s important to not get water on the leaves or else the leaf will wither and die. So to prevent this from happening you can water it from the bottom with a saucer full of water. If you want your plant to be in constant bloom, add a tiny bit of african violet fertilizer in the water during your watering times with your plant.


My Croton Plant

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Hello everyone! Today I am going to introduce to you my croton petra plant, here’s what it looks like:


I’ve had this plant for a little over a month and a half. It is a very beautiful plant and the leaves are very vibrant with color! I’ve read online that these plants are slow growers but this plant is proving that statement wrong. It also likes the lighting exposure from my window that faces east, they can also do great in a south facing window. As for watering for the croton, it likes to be watered from wet to dry and it’ll be a very happy house plant. Thank you for reading and have a great rest of the weekend!

New Things For 2013!!!

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Happy New Year everyone! It’s 2013 now! Sorry, I haven’t posted anything in quite a while because a few months ago, I’ve moved out of state from Texas to North Carolina. I have a new set of plants now. One that I would like show is my prayer plant (maranta leuconeura):


I’ve had this plant since October 2012 and it’s been doing great! It’s currently sitting in an east facing window that gets direct light in the morning hours. This plant likes humidity and doesn’t like too much light. I mist the plant once a week and it keeps putting out new leaves! Prayer plants are among one of my favorites because at night, their leaves close to be in a position like praying hands. I will post for now on, thanks for reading and have a great New Years Day!

Repotting Plants: Spider Plant

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Hey everyone! For today I will be repotting a spider plant that I got for a discount at walmart almost a week ago that looked very sad and wasn’t properly cared for so here it is:

I let it sit out for several day to let it dry out because the main problem with this plant was that it was over watered. Before starting this task, you will need a new pot for the plant that should be one or up to two inches larger that the plant’s current pot and that has good drainage:

Along with the pot you will also need potting soil, which can be found at your local hardware store or garden center:

After having the materials needed, next step is it fill the new container about 1/3 with the new potting soil:

Next, it’s time to remove the plant from its old container, if the plant is severely rootbound, then you can cut the pot open without damaging the plant to remove it in a safely manner:

After removing the plant from it’s old pot, you can examine the roots and remove any unhealthy or rotten roots. You can then loosen the root system to allow the plant to grow into it’s new pot:

This is maybe one of the messy parts because that soil can get everywhere so you can use a plastic bag or cover or even newspaper to make an easy way to clean up when you’re done. Once the roots are loosened, you can place the plant in it’s new container and add soil around the empty spaces in the pot:

Once you’re done with filling the empty spaces with soil, the last step is to water the plant thoroughly and you’re done!( Also to clean up the mess) Congratulations, here’s the finished product!:

The plant looks happier and healthy in it’s new container and starting to look better already. Thanks for reading!

Peace Lily and African Violet Update

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Hello everyone! Here’s my first official post on my new blog here. For today I’m going to show you how my peace lily is currently doing. I had this plant since February 18th of this year(2012), so here it is:Image                                                                                                         So it’s doing great. Though I do admit that when I first bought this plant that it was much fuller in appearance but over time it eventually lost some leaves and this plant started to worry me for a second but now its recovering a lot so I’m glad that it’s doing better and it even bloomed for me two times so that was a huge plus! My plant is in an east facing window right now but during the past week and a half it’s been pouring down raining outside( rain is my favorite weather) and I enjoy taking walks outside and it helps me think. Well back to the plants, the other plant is my african violet. I bought this plant about 7 months ago for a discount at lowes for only 98 cents and it has gotten bigger and fuller since then. It enjoys the eastern exposure as well. These plants can also do great in a north facing window as well. The next photo is of my peace lily’s flower, so here’s that:

Image                                          This flower has been flowering for quite some time now and it is showing its age. After a peace lily’s flower turns green or brown, just simply cut the flower off at the base of the stem. I’m excited and will be including more NEW posts, so stay tuned. Thanks!

Happy Gardening!

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Welcome to Dynamic Gardening’s new website! More posts will be on this site for now and on. I plan to do plenty of fun gardening things and look forward to getting even more creative! Don’t worry, starting next month in July, I will have plenty of new posts.

                                                  To Be Continued…

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